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With the advancement of technology, mobile phones with more features and connectivity has become a part of life as a necessity than more of lifestyle. It makes life easier as a portable device which can offer more than a phone with its applications for both professional and personal use.
mobileIntroduction of smart phones which have an operating system installed, made it possible to create rich internet applications, high user interaction experience, faster internet access, email services, location based services, attending virtual training etc.
MEDIALINK has got a very wide experience and strong technical support on providing applications based on mobile phone with different operating systems.
Our Experience on different mobile phone operating systems include variety of applications such as:
– Social networking
– Mobile media applications
– Geo Marketing
– Location based applications, drawing routes, integrating maps
– ecommerce – shopping mobile clients etc
We provide applications having wonderful user interface experience with considerable cost. Our talented and experienced team offer latest technologies and unique creative designs for converting your ideas into reality without compromising the quality and optimized memory management considering the limited configuration available for mobile devices.

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